Not Just Trends, Know When The Right Child Needs To Use Braces

Maybe you think braces are no more than a trend in teens. But, actually this tool can be beneficial for health, especially dental health of children. For this reason, there are certain conditions that make a child need braces. Causes of structural disorders of a child's teeth or jaws include genetic factors, accidents, baby teeth that fall out too soon or bad habits such as thumb sucking. The use of braces, may be able to help treat, even improve the conditions experienced. Conditions that require braces Braces work by correcting irregular teeth. With braces, the teeth and jaw will compress and move to the appropriate position. This tool itself is made of several choices of materials, such as plastic, stainless steel, ceramics, and a combination of several materials. Of course not all children need to wear braces. Usually the dentist will first diagnose the child's need to use braces. This dental correction will then be done by an orthodontist, who will determine which w
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